Womens Prescription Libido Enhancer

Women’s Prescription Libido Enhancer Supplements Can Be Annoying

Dealing with the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) can be difficult especially when a woman doesn’t realize what is causing sexual debilitating issues. Society regards sex as a double edge sword and there are any number of mental as well as physical issues that can cause FSD symptoms. According to the Journal of the Medical Association four out of every ten American women suffer from some type of FSD before they reach their sixtieth birthday.

There are distinct types of FSD and in order to relieve the symptoms of each type the cause of the sexual dissatisfaction must be identified. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, sexual pain disorder, and orgasmic disorder are all considered female sexual dysfunction, and each disorder can be caused by a mental block or physical issues which change sexual thoughts and activity in some way.

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause are common causes of FSD, and most women seek professional help to overcome their FSD symptoms that manifest from these causes. Women’s prescription libido enhancers are usually prescribed to alleviate the symptoms, but these synthetic sexual hormones may cause some annoying and frustrating side effects.

Women’s prescription libido enhancer supplements are formulated to help stimulate the natural production of estrogen, adrenaline, DHEA, prolactin, and progesterone, and they can be effective in relieving certain FSD symptoms, but some women turn to non-prescription women’s libido enhancers for relief so they can eliminate the nasty side effects that are common when women’s prescription libido enhancer medications are prescribed.

The Alternative to Women’s Prescription Libido Enhancer Supplements is Available Without a Prescription

Once the cause of FSD is identified women have several choices when it comes to non-prescription libido enhancers. The Internet is filled with sexual supplements that claim to eliminate one or more symptoms of FSD just as effectively as women’s prescription libido enhancer medications, but most of the libido enhancers are not formulated to relieve much of anything but the cash from your bank account.

Most professional recommend the ingredients in Lyriana to relieve all types of FSD symptoms once the cause is identified. Lyriana sends messages to the brain so sexual hormones are stimulated and secreted into the bloodstream. Once the hormones are balanced the vagina is lubricated naturally, and pain during intercourse disappears.

Women who use Lyriana instead of a women’s prescription libido enhancer say that sexual fantasies and desires return, and as the body relaxes they are able to reach an orgasm or multiple orgasm during intercourse.

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